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Cecile Pesce, Director of Silk, "Maison Hermès."

"I have known Eric and his work for a very long time. When I asked him if he would be willing to do my institutional portrait for "Maison Hermès", he didn't hesitate for a second. The session was smooth, pleasant, and fruitful. I learned a lot about myself. Eric is generous, gentle, and precise, and the result is more than satisfying and of great quality. 

Cecile Pesce, Director of Silk, Maison Hermès

"Eric is a wonderful artist. He made me incredibly comfortable as he worked his magic. He captures the essence of an individual as he sees it-I find this utterly beautiful. I canot wait to work with Eric again."

Jinal Shah 

A photoshoot with Eric was a wonderful experience. He was incredibly supportive and kind. Even helping me pick my outfit before the shot. When he arrived , he was relaxed and friendly, which also made me feel relaxed. The final shots are beautiful! I feel so fortunate to have worked with him.  

Bethany Saltman, Author

"Jade Nguyễn Strattner" Co-Founder & CEO Flourish and LIMINAL

I feel privileged to have a portrait by Eric. He is a true genius at his craft with a unique ability to capture the true essence of his subjects in a incredibly short time. The outcome of his work is constantly stunning. More than his technical skills, he is a pleasure to work with.putting me at ease from the first moment.

"Emily Quant" Dancer, Performer,musician

Working with Eric, I feel immediately comfortable, at ease, and trusting the process. I love his ideas and curiosities, his playfulness, and his way of being direct.  He is deeply invested in his work, with tremendous energy and passion.  This, balanced with patience and grace for the process is a great recipe for success.  He follows the flow and energy of each shot well.  He works quickly to follow ideas to fruition, and then moves on to the next. There is no stagnant overworked time, he keeps things moving and fresh, the space and ideas alive. He is clear and direct with his cues, very specific, with a keen sense of composition for the shot. That said, he allows a lot of freedom and lattitude for creativity, to be surprised, and capture something unexpected. It’s a nice balance of freedom and direction. He is very attentive to bringing sincerity and humanness into frame, and is good at redirecting if fakeness starts to happen. I love when he pops out from behind the camera to remind me to be human, so I do not get caught up in ‘what i think will look good. In the end, the images are just incredible. With very simple ingredients, powerful results. His aesthetic is sensitive and strong, attending to detail and feeling.  There is nothing gratuitous, it’s as if each picture tells a little story, carries atmosphere. I love that I recognise myself in the images, and feel so much of it is truly me.

"Chloé Deromvsky"  DRI International President and CEO

It was an absolute dream to work with Eric on new headshots. He made the entire process seamless from start to finish. He was communicative, flexible and responsive before and after the shoot. During the shoot, he took his time to ensure that we got everything we needed and that I felt comfortable. It was fun, light and easy. Perhaps most importantly, I am thoroughly satisfied with the finished product -- he is a true artist! I now have a set of shots that I can use for a variety of contexts for years to come.

Exceptional Photography Services - Highly Recommended!

I recently had the pleasure of working with Eric Traore for my daughter’s sweet sixteen birthday party, and I am beyond impressed with the level of professionalism, creativity, and skill demonstrated throughout the entire process.

I initially met Eric through a photo shoot that he did with me and other colleagues from a women’s executive organization and was very impressed. He took the time to ensure that he could beautifully capture each one of us in our own unique way. So when we were planning this celebration for my daughter where many family members would be there, I immediately thought of Eric to help capture this special event.

Eric did a wonderful job doing both professional portraits and candids of the people at the event. He was very communicative, clear and reliable. From the initial consultation, set up to the final delivery of the photographs, he displayed a remarkable ability to blend into the event seamlessly, ensuring that the photography process enhanced rather than disrupted the flow of the celebration.

The quality of the photographs speaks volumes about Eric's technical proficiency and keen eye for detail. He patiently advised us and helped everyone to relax and look more natural in the photos, paying attention to the background, set up and color. The final product was what we were looking for and he perfectly captured the joy and celebration of the special day.

What sets Eric apart is not only his talent but also his excellent communication skills and genuine passion for photography. You can tell that he truly cared about creating lasting memories for us and that helped to enhance the overall experience.

I highly recommend Eric for any photography needs. He is a true professional who goes above and beyond to deliver outstanding results. Working with Eric was a pleasure, and I look forward to future opportunities to collaborate.

Thank you for an unforgettable experience!

Emme Kim

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